Peripheral City

Peripheral City
Peri, played by Josh Elrod

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Phase 2011

Okay, just launched a new Kickstarter Funding drive to get a digital camera. Already had to defriend someone for calling me entitled. I know I hate not having any money and asking, but the truth is, a ton of people helped me make Peripheral City through Kickstarter and I don't think they felt bad about it. It was dream come true land, people working, people getting paid (except me), everyone got something out of it, it seemed. Okay, it did get me into the Writer's Guild. But what's missing is perspective.

How do I as a filmmaker transcend this fear of selling myself? This is not something I've ever been geared for and I certainly am not amped about it.I have no reason to believe this drive will work, my family has never had any money really to give, and my general point of reference is there isn't enough of anything in the world for me. Truth is, when I have stuck my neck out in any way, there have been a couple of people who haven't liked it, and the majority who have been joyously supportive.

Anyhow, I never know where it's going to come from, the good or the bad. So, here we are, day one of the drive.

I pitched at a Writer's Guild Pitch Event for the New Media writers last night. For a Saturday Night Live Jimmy Fallon Writer whose name has already eluded me, and Jeremy Redleaf from Odd Job Nation, who I really liked. Another guy too. I should pay attention. I wrote a half pitch, half sketch for "Watchaholics Anonymous" about people who are addicted to sports and serial tv. My fellow pitcher, Reese Waters, an incredibly talented performer/comedian, seems totally onboard, is ready to start casting and preparing to shoot. I should just do it and see what happens. Anyhow, not being a sports or comedy writer, it was a blast. And it was fun to stick my neck out anywhere. Best of all, Ursula, the guild organizer of New Media, wasn't as mean to me as normal. My friend Motrya told me she was scared of me, so maybe it's actually me that's mean. I wore a black suit with weird patent leather and shiny brocade braid around the cuffs, the skirt was short, I looked alright, maybe even presentable.

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